The KTM X-Bow

Austrian motorcycle company KTM revealed photos of their upcoming first car – the X-Bow.

ktm-xbow ktm-xbow-car xbow3_ktm_300_big

The first KTM car is not very distant from a motorcycle, but has four wheels and two seats. We have seen the Volkswagen GX3, Carver One or the BMW Clever, which follow a three-wheeler concept.

The KTM X-Bow features a carbon monocoque and has no doors or a roof. With 220 or 300PS motor options this is a rocket on wheels. The price for the X-Bow is supposed to be 40,000 Euros (~$52,000). KTM will introduce the X-Bow at the Geneva motor show in March 2007. The first cars are supposed to ship end of 2007. More details on ORF (German). See also the KTM site.