Lamborghini with Amazing Paint

Lamborghini is a well known brand of high perfornace Italian sports cars that is now a subsidiary of German car manufacturer Audi. Usually when we see a car like this we stop a little because a Lamborghini can catch your eye very easily. In this case the owner wanted more from his Lamborghini, and he painted his car in a way that will 100% get your attention, no matter what.

lamborhini7 lamborhini3 lamborhini2 lamborhini lamborhini6 lamborhini5 lamborhini4

Love it or Hate it? Its still a Lamborghini!!

Fifty Cent’s Chrome Murcielago Roadster

Owning a celebrity owned roadster has become more of a style statement. The Lamborghini Murcielago pictured above was once 50-Cent’s property but now, the car has been up for sale on eBay. Unfortunately, its 20″ wheels don’t even qualify as dubs any more. The 2005 model has gone only 1414 miles and yes, it’s just chrome paint, not the real chrome.

pic001 pic002 pic003 pic006 pic007 pic008 pic010 pic012 pic013

Now, what are you waiting for? The current bid is placed at US $225,300. If you are an ardent 50-Cent’s fan, it’s time to check your bank balance.