BMW GINA Light Visionary Model

BMW recently revealed the GINA light visionary model concept car, an innovative new exploration in car design. instead of the traditional steel and plastic body shell, the GINA concept uses a textile fabric starches over a wire frame. this unique idea allows the car’s skin to change shape, stretching to match the position and curve of the wire frame. this idea is demonstrated in the ‘blinking’ headlights and the flexibility of the car doors as they open. The project began by questioning the purpose of a car’s body and exploring new possibilities. chris bangle, director of design for BMW, discuses the project in the video above. The car is currently on show at the BMW museum in munich, germany.

Bentley S3 E design concept

bentley-s3-e bentley-s3-e5 bentley-s3-e4 bentley-s3-e3 bentley-s3-e2

There’s badass, there’s relentlessly badass, and then there’s this. This is what happens when you dream up an idea that combines a vintage Bentley S3’s coachwork and chassis with a 300-horsepower BMW 4.4L V8, a ZF 5-speed auto, a custom dual exhaust, and a deluxe interior with all the modern amenities. Tweak the look to give it the feel of a late-model Bentley, add 20-inch forged wheels, slam it to the ground and you have Arturo Alonso’s Bentley S3 E design concept. Word is, Alonso and his team at Bentley Boys USA will build three of the cars over 8-month intervals to sell at $150K a pop.